Sajam Turizma 2024 Belgrade Fair
22 FEB 2024

We are very glad to be participating in Sajam Turizma 2024 Belgrade Fair, a significant endeavor for us!



By engaging with visitors and industry professionals in Belgrade, we are not only introducing our resort to a new audience but we’re also celebrating the cultural exchange between us, thus enhancing the guest experience through mutual understanding.

Belgrade Fair allows us to tap into the burgeoning Serbian tourism market, offering unique experiences to Serbian travelers seeking authentic and memorable getaways. By tailoring our marketing strategies and services to meet the preferences of Serbian guests, we can diversify our customer base and position ourselves as a preferred destination in the region.



Like every industry expo, Sajam Turizma serves as a hub for knowledge sharing and industry networking, providing us tourism professionals with invaluable insights into emerging trends, innovations, and sustainable practices within the hospitality sector. Through interactions with fellow exhibitors and industry experts, we stay abreast of market dynamics and technological advancements, enhancing our competitiveness and staying at the forefront of industry developments.



As we continue to cultivate meaningful relationships across borders, we pave the way for a more inclusive, interconnected, and vibrant tourism industry.


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